Dick Eastman – Ready or not — all men need to know this….

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Ready or not — all men need to know this.

Weaponized Sexual Conditioning — the attack we must defeat but which few of us feel clean enough to fight.

Source: Item Exposing the weapons in the war on manhood. | richard writings

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  1. Dick EastmanNo Gravatar says:


    Ready or not — all men need to know this.

    Weaponized Sexual Conditioning — the attack we must defeat but which few of us feel clean enough to fight.

    Dick Eastman M.S., M.A.
    Yakima, Washington January 1, 2018

    Jesus: “ … but I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. “

    Judean: This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?

    Jesus: If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    Each human is a binary system — not man and female, because we are either one or the other — but rather an organism that combines a system for reproducing the species and another for providing for the individual and other individuals by learning, working and adapting. Usually the working providing individual-serving system is in charge, at other times the reprodutive system cuts in – we talk about sexual attraction – and the result is pregnancy, a change of status which provides a new member of society for the working/providing system to care for, teach, raise — we talk about mother instinct, parental love, and family. Civilization grows up around the family.

    Our civilization is under attack by a group that provides for its own families, its own tribe by predation upon the civilizations of others. To destroy a civilization superior to your own you cannot offer a better way, you have to destroy by undermining the behavioral foundation, you must employ the power that the reproductive system of the enemy has over its productive individual system to destroy manhood, marriage, parenthood and break the behavioral bounds of society that hold back the potential power of the reproductive system to interfere with the arrangements by which the two systems are aligned in an advanced civilization.

    Where to find the weapons for an attack on civilization by turning the reproductive system into a weapon to overthrow the productive working individual system.

    Ivan Pavlov isolated and explained classical conditioning. Ring a bell just before feeding a dog over many trials and not ringing it at other times and the dog will come to salivate (drool) merely at the sound of the bell. Or say, a subject views pornography in which the naked females are wearing purple earings for high heel shoes or is saying humiliating things while, simultaneously, the subject is “active with his right hand” (the m word) until the usual outcome is attained — then, subsequently, when that individual sees such purple earings, or such high heel shoes or hears humiliating words he will find himself suddenly looking for an opportunity to have another right-handed session. The purple earrings, shoes, humiliating words take on a “sexual valance”, become stimuli conditioned to elicit responses that bring about that same behavior and disposition affecting outcome.

    B.F. Skinner isolated and explained operant or instrumental conditioning. A pigeon deprived of food down to 10 percent of its ad libitum weight, is put in a box where when it pecks a key so many times or for so long or as a red light comes on it will receive access to food for five seconds – the bird will come under the control of whichever of those contingencies are maintained, either quickly pecking the requisit number of pecks, or waiting the requisit amount of time before starting to peck or pecking when the light comes on. The presentation of food “reinforces” the response, that is, it increases the probability of the response the next time the same situation comes up. Our producing/providing system is essentail to our economy, our standard of living, the functioning of our community and of our civilization. Civilization is made from human behavior controlled by contingencies of reinforcement. High civilizations set men building beautiful homes and schools and laboratories and artists workshops. Civilizations are destroyed by getting people to focus their attention on getting the reproductive apparatus, subverted to masturbation with pornography to dominate more and more.


    The great master of Japanese anime as an art form, Hayao Miyazaki, now says that anime was a terrible mistake because millions of Japanese men and many millions more around the world are watching anime that features cartoon female wrestlers in a fight ring with all of the curves that have primary appeal to the reproductive system greatly exagerated and therefore more effective as a component of conditioning. The exagerated female in the cartoon is depicted as invincible and far superior to the male figure whom she beats and humiliates and usually kills. Millions of males are watching these anime on Youtube every minute of every day. Millions spend hours each day taking in more and more of these videos – which are available to anyone with a youtube account without having to be of a certain age – not that that matters – whatever age, the masturbation, the condtioning program (the anime) the result is the same. Time is lost. Great shame. Great passivitiy in the sexual arena – the Japanese and others around the world are quitting normal sexual relations, stuck on anime.

    2.The youtube also has femdom and findom videos, an industry in which, hundreds of thousands of women are employed, usually with a pimp running their show, although they pretend to “in charge”. In this kind of pornography the humiliation that is dished out to the viewer becomes the condtioned reinforcer, taking on an ever stronger sexual valance – we say it becomes a fettish. The prostitute offering this humiliation while acting as best they can as the cool dominant one – to males, young, in their prime and old – whose sexual life has been fulling captured by this everywhere available pornography — and as a male is hooked (sexual valance via Pavolovian conditioning) and conditioning episode is added to conditioning episode the secret behavior intrudes more and more upon the life of the individual – warping his relationship with women and in society in general. Findom is the variation where the prostitute, with unique control due to the fact that the victim began his course of conditioning with her rather than some other findom prostitutie, can have her “slaves” and “worshipers” (humiliation terms that take on sexual valance to be incorporated in control) simply orders the males to send her money and presents – and doing so, takes on a sexual valance as well, thorugh the same Pavlovian process.

    3.The Youtube also offers to anyone, signed up or not, videos of programs for the feminization or “sissification” of men — always with young girl who is shapely who claims to hypnotize – the hypnosis is fake, but masturbating to the hypnosis procedure has the same effect that the hypnosis claims to have – the prostitute gaining control to command and humiliation being given a high sexual valance by the Pavovian procedure can make feminization and sissification take on sexual valance. THIS AND NOWHERE ELSE IS WHERE TRANSVESTITES AND TRANSGENDER BEHAVIOR ARE COMING FROM.

    These are the three best weapons used by the enemies of our culture to destroy our way of life, to wreck the family, to alter relationships between man and women, to divert the man from education and increasing his human capital – into one controlled by Judeo-pornographic society draining his potential in the most socially destructive way possible – serving neither the species-necessary reproductive system function nor the individual survival/culture/family/cooperation system.

    The Marquis de Sade was the first to seek to destroy society by spreading the doctrine of the pornographic lifestyle – and he following has always been greatest among the upper classes – because they have the wealth and the leisure to become so addicted . The most powerful elites in the US and UK and in many other countries — India especially is heavily addicted to femdom/findom not only from Youtube but in their everyday soap operas for men and women. Every country where Judeo-finance has caused economic depression via monetary deflation and gigantic debt under the all-borrowed national money supply, women are invited by Jewish pimps, to set themselves up as prostitutes and especially as findom Youtube prostitutes.

    Most thinking people realize that wars, economic depressions, corrupt politicians and psycho-active drugs have each taken their toll upon society, but the subversion of our apparatus for attaing sexual reproduction by the scientific invasion of Pavlovian conditioning by this victorious Judeo-pornographic society is little understood and, because it is so pervasive and the activity is done largely in secret and is so shameful to admit or detect – there is no chemical in ones blood stream to detect and there need not be any outward expenditure of money – just of time and life – it is not challenged. The so-called pornography industry has an army of corporate lawyers to sue anyone who attempts to defend society by exposing the behavioral technology that this attack employs. Also, the programming material is like radiation – those who set up only to study it are easily caught by it. Man is not built to resist sexual attraction — and any man can be conditioned to have a sexual valance for almost anything.

    In traditional society, more or less, a man and a woman bond and form a family and all of the sexual conditioning is between them and they live happily ever after. Our society has for many years been under attack by an enemy seeking to destroy our cultural systems that generate our civilization and the attack has been most successful. I have here sought to open discussion among those interested in moving society back from its present downward course. WHILE NO MAN IN JUDEO-PORNOGRAPHIC SOCIETY IS ENTIRELY FREE FROM THESE SUBVERSIVE CONDITIONING PROGRAMS – HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND OTHER MASS MEDIA ARE NOWHERE FROM FROM SOME FORM OF THEM – IT IS ALSO TRUE THAT NO MAN IS UNDER THEIR CONTROL ALL OF THE TIME AND WHEN MEN ARE NOT AT THE MOMENT CONTROLLED BY THESE SUBVERSIVE CONDITIONING PROCEDURES – THEY CAN BE SHOWN WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM AND THEY CAN, WHILE TEMPORARILY FREE, CAN WORK TO REMOVE SUCH CONDITIONING FROM SOCIETY. It is in the hope that this can be done, that I have shared this information.

    I am posting this to Facebook in the hope that I can win (condition) the better you to the cause of relationships that make for higher civilization and greater human happiness and survival characterisitcs. Please share this with men and women who share my goals, that is, if you share them yourself. I DON’T ASK FOR YOU TO CHECK TO SEE IF WHAT I SAY IS TRUE – ANY MORE THAN YOU SHOULD HOLD A BLOCK OF PLUTONIUM TO SEE IF IT IS RADIO ACTIVE – BUT I DO ASK FOR YOU TO WORK TO SAVE SOCIETY WHEN ALL THE TIME YOU ARE NOT UNDER CONTROL OF THESE CONDITIONED STIMULI.

    We must eliminate pornography from internet and bookstores and sexual content from a entertainment media — and we must teach how conditioning works to give people a fighting chance. Free speech must not be extended to material designed to be consumered with masturbation.

    Remember, Germany reccovered from Judeo-pornographic very quickly under Hitler and the books burned were pornography. And think of this too: We are animals that have two largely independent systems – the part that is concerned with reproduction, mating, attraction of male for female — and the part that takes care of the survival and provisioning of the individual and his family or other grouping. Both are involved in conditioning. There should be no shame for being trapped by these devices, because we were never warned of these devices. Certainly modern sex education in our schools says nothing of the assault on the functioning citizen that pornography with masturbation and a perverse society that teaches “If it feels good do it” can have.

    In the Christian scriptures we read the verse in 2 Corinthians, “that no advantage may be gained over us by Satan: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” Unfortunately the majority of people have been kept ignorant of these devices by an organized crime elite that has all but taken over. It is time we begin thinking about how we can rid society of this poison.

    I have not mentioned child pornography and pedophilia – but pedophiles are made by the same techniques. Of course other factors are in play – a lack off love, a lack of social skills, a history of abuse – but those are the normal enemies we always face. We have a real enemy wielding a very effective weapon that is fatal to the best life that we want for each other. I hope you agree.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dick Eastman
    Yakima, Washington
    Every man is responsible to every other man.

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