Damn it, Mr. Trump, recall that Neocons are deadly foes of America First | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

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Mr. President, why is it that we are seeing a growing squad of Neocons/Israel-Firsters in your administration? As the only thing most of us have to go on are the past performances of these men, it is hard to see what in the world they would or could contribute to an America First foreign policy. Bolton, Abrams, Khalilzad, and, now, the increasingly interventionist Pampeo are all on hand to cock things up. Is it wise to send men who labored long and hard to cause, and then prolong, all of the desperately stupid and unnecessary wars in which we are now involved? There is not much you can so about the Neocons in Congress — like Senator McConnell — who oppose an America First policy, and want the Clinton-Bush-Obama wars to continue. But why, Sir, would you retain the republic’s enemies to conduct your foreign policy?

Most of these wretches are also men who will do America any harm that is necessary to ensure that Israel’s interests are served. Can Americans really believe that these men will steer an America First course?  Mr. President, collusion with a foreign power can be described in three simple words — “Bolton, Abrams, Kahlilzad”. There is always the chance, of course, that you intend to set up these enemies of the United States so that you can fire them on an issue that will demonstrate their war-mongering and alienation from genuine U.S. national security interests. That seems a bit of stretch, however.

Source: Damn it, Mr. Trump, recall that Neocons are deadly foes of America First | Non-Intervention2

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