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Congress—and particularly the Democrat- controlled House of Representatives—seems determined to see the end of the Trump administration before the 2020 vote. Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claims she is not seeking impeachment, she’s accusing the president of “covering up” something; however, she won’t say what until she can do more investigating.

But Trump’s opponents on both sides of the congressional aisle don’t seem so enthusiastic about challenging the president when he actually does abuse his constitutional authority to pursue a more aggressive policy overseas.

Late last week, for example, President Donald Trump declared a national security “emergency” brought about by unspecified “Iranian malign activity”—a “loophole” allowing him to bypass congressional review of some $8 billion in U.S. weapons to be sold to Saudi Arabia. Congress had been reluctant to approve yet more arms sales to Saudi Arabia after the president vetoed a bipartisan House and Senate-approved bill requiring the U.S. to end its military support for the Saudi war of aggression against Yemen.

Source: Congress Fiddles While Iran War Looms – American Free Press

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  1. Well, the war mongers are at work securing the corporate war machine, silicon valley, giant aircraft carriers, planes that cost millions and millions to carry a sword and deliver the sword to whom ever the Zio-nauts want. The Latter Zionist credo of a nation on dementia and mob rule… where the few give all the peace loving citizen a bad name as the crew of Lolly Pop USA sails and flies into the hands of Zionist Israel creating hell on earth… The New Nazi Zio Order!

    Yet to be seen, a rampart of Freedom from, DEATH DUE US PART, and the raping of the planet by greedy self serving folks like Pelosi, the unseen mafia are wolfs in sheep’s clothing . Poke the hornets nest folks, and getting stung, seems enough of a deterrent for bad behaviour… No, we want more turmoil without a plan to stop the carnage of humanity’s real concept of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.. The former, is the deluded Rabbis credo of racial superiority. There are so many Christians Zionist that support trump without understanding the Judeo-Christian Illusion designed by the latter forces of historical Judaism… The Zionist Israel is an abomination to anything that belongs to rational Christianity… the concept of peace is the order to all Christians…there are no exceptions… The Zio-Nauts are war mongers and Khazarian by natural order of fake Judaism and fake gene pool racism politics, converts of heathenism and sorcery magic kabbalostic-Joharitic false logic.

    But one would have to read rational and logistical history to become informed of the Illusions we live under… Yet. There are many who know that do not have a mouthpiece or a microphone in the MSM WORLD OF CORPORATE ZIONIST WORLD ORDER… Fiction becomes none fiction and non fiction become fiction… This is the order of manipulated ideologies we find in the heathenish congress of the Great Satin and the thoughts of those bought by the Rothschildren of world banking and Zionist Nazi Americanism….

    Ron Paul has balls!

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