Coincidences are rare, there are none in the events below | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

Hong Kong: Do the Chinese merit the media’s 24-hour hour damnation for opposing the Hong Kong demonstrations, while, at the same time, Macron’s thug-like treatment of France’s “Yellow Vest” protesters are ignored by the media. For 18 weeks, FOX said last Friday, the Chinese demonstrators have marched for “freedom” and suffered at the hands of the “brutal” Hong Kong government and their Chinese masters. But what about France? Well, neither FOX nor any other major U.S. media organization that I am aware of has fully covered the 43 weeks of Yellow Vest protests against Macron’s globalist and climate-change-crazed government. The brutality of the French treatment of the Yellow Vests has only been followed and documented by Russian Television (RT). Is this a coincidence? The answer is no. Why does this matter?

First, because the deliberately incendiary media coverage of Hong Kong events has given the Neocons and their mainstream and cable media allies another chance to seek war, this time with China.

Second, because the fate of Hong Kong’s population was decided in 1997 when the British government consigned it to the horrors of eventual rule by the Chinese communists. President Clinton’s administration and most other of the so-called “western democracies” supported the UK’s decision to “hand over” Hong Kong to the Beijing butchers.

Source: Coincidences are rare, there are none in the events below | Non-Intervention2

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