China, Israel and the “Deep State” are working together towards what? | richard writings

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China was in on the 9-11 false-flag mass-murder.  How do I know?  Because atheistic communist criminal Han Triad Chinese heroin-exporting criminals feared the growth of sincere militant religion growing in its western provinces and bordering states  as the Taliban faith and nationalism was gaining such moral strength under Mohammad Omar as to actually eradicate poppy growth for opium in all of the regions it controlled, the opium lords, armed by the CIA and China, having been pushed back by the Taliban to the north by the old silk road to China.  China and the opium lords — called by the US and Jew-controlled media the “northern alliance.”  China and international organized crime with which both China and the CIA are affiliated wanted the US to take down the Taliban and eradicate Islam, first Afghanistan and then nuclear Pakistan.  Nearby India too also not averse to that anti-Muslim anti-militant-national-morality outcome.

Source: China, Israel and the “Deep State” are working together towards what? | richard writings

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