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Why are the Israeli-American dual citizen traitors and the other Cabal lackeys pushing so hard for anti-BDS legislation?

They have been ordered to do so by the Cabal and its main cutouts, who are now exerting influence on any politician who has signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first, even before America. These Cutouts have signed this Oath, which is almost always necessary to get re-elected in order to stay in office.

A captive US Congress:

How many members of Congress are controlled by the Ruling Cabal through its action-agents AIPAC by signing a Loyalty Oath to place Israel first, even before America whom they work for and wore an oath to uphold its Constitution? The answer for the Congress that ended in 2018 is all of them except one. It is expected in the new 2019 Congress, most will be induced to sign this agreement which is a violation of their oath of office and a commitment to place a foreign power even before one’s country.

Source: BDS, a critical battle for the Cabal | Veterans Today | News – Military Foreign Affairs Policy

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