ATTENTION FLORIDA PATRIOTS: Rally for ROGER STONE Saturday Night at 7 PM in Miami Area – Jim Hoft

Longtime Donald Trump confidante and advisor Roger Stone will be joining hundreds of his supporters in Miami, Florida on Saturday night according to an Eventbrite link forwarded to TGP.

Stone’s legal defense fund is co-hosting the event with the Hialeah Republican Club.

It is being promoted as a rally in support of Roger Stone and Donald Trump.

Dozens of local Republican and conservative oriented clubs have been involved in organizing the event. Although Stone is currently under gag order by an Obama appointed liberal activist judge, he is expected to deliver remarks about President Donald Trump’s first term successes and what Trump needs to do in order to keep America moving forward with a second term.

The gathering is expected to draw hundreds of patriots and supporters of Stone and his family. The political strategist was indicted on federal charges as a result of the bogus Mueller investigation and Stone has faced unrelenting attacks from the fake news media ever since.

While admission to the rally is free, there is a VIP event ahead for those looking to donate to Stone’s legal defense fund.

While Stone has been charged with allegedly lying to congress, deep state hacks like Comey and McCabe have faced no such charges or similar investigations.


Source: ATTENTION FLORIDA PATRIOTS: Rally for ROGER STONE Saturday Night at 7 PM in Miami Area

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