America’s Russia-Deranged Partisan Freak Show | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

Well, America’s national freak show hit parade of the sleazy shaved head “Intelligence Community” liars, and Bond-villainous deep state subversives are at it again, busy rolling out the 6th or 7th permutation (who can keep count) of their ever-evolving (ever-collapsing, really) Russian collusion defamation-distraction hoax.

Even with the fact that Bi-partisan hitman Robert Mueller has spent $16 Million and two years using bully tactics and continuously threatening lawyers for people who don’t care to testify in this Inquisition still has proof of collusion, conspiracy.

Deep State Democrat frauds are frantic to keep the most cynical, deceitful smear campaign in American history alive and kicking. Time is not on their side. It has brought steady plodding revelation of the facts, inevitably exposing the depths of their deceit and willingness to corrupt public power.

Source: America’s Russia-Deranged Partisan Freak Show | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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