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Have you noticed that “progressives,” the “left,” and “radicals,” not only speak of corporations in connection with the oppression of common mankind, but they also BLAME “the corporations,” for everything that is done wrong. They trace a problem back to the “evil corporations” and, then, as far as they are concerned, their work of analyzing the problem is done. But a corporation is managed by a CEO in consultation with corporation lawyers and the CEO is appointed by a Board of Directors, a group of stock owners who may sit on several boards, this network of interlockeing directorates forming higher level that gives the CEOs their instructions. The interlocking directorates group operate with some organizational freedom because it is known that the culture of power that put them where they are has selected them for doing what is needed to carry out the general protocols for serving the interests of that group. At the top of it all are families of the great banking dynasties and their hired confidential brains. These are the lords of the heart of world power — the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild machinery of money creation, money supply regulation, lending, interest rate fixing and international money market manipulation that acquires the wealth of the world and enslaves the population of the world to debt slavery and tax-enslavement to governments that in turn are debt slaves. The Corporations are usually headed by gentiles, although some of the most important, such as Goldman-Sachs and Chase Morgan are not. The Central Banks are in fact the directorship of each nation’s entire banking establishment — where interest rate price fixing and deflation and inflation through bond and money deposit exchanges with the big players who buy and sell the means of production. See my usual diagrams. Corporations are merely the managed collection of foreclosure-takings and leveraged-buyout takings of the predatory lords of finances. The corporations are run by their CEOs and corporation lawyers in trust for the true owners of those corporations (including the central banks) and the governments which they control by holding a lean on the entire worth of each deeply in-debt nation. BUT TO BLAME THE CORPORATIONS FOR WHAT IS WRONG IS LIKE BLAMING GUN FOR A MURDER OR BLAMING THE SWAG FOR A ROBBERY. Behind all of the crimes corporations commit is the apparatus of the private control of money creation and lending and behind them the laws and conventions that make that apparatus the controlling apparatus in the world. It is my hope that one day all of this will be understood by the masses and that they will organize to uproot that apparatus and all that reinforces it and replace it with what I hope will by then be the obvious solution — the populist republic which mades its own money and distributes all new money to each citizen as a free public utility, as necessary infrastructure for each national domestic economy, distributes the money as a free dividend to each citizen so that households — the consumers — will be the first to spend each dollar, peso, yen, dinar, rank, mark and pound into circulation. That will be true economic democracy and consumer sovereignty over the productive activity of the planet. That will be the beginning of the true flowering of the human race on this planet.

Source: 1) blaming corporations doesn’t go far enough 2) rewrite of an article stolen by a robot | richard writings

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