Tulsi Gabbard’s Road to Damascus | The American Conservative – Scott Ritter

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Kamala Harris and the other Democratic candidates would do well to take note of the following reality—if the U.S. goes to war in Syria, Iran, North Korea, or elsewhere, Tulsi alone among her colleagues could be called upon to serve on the front line. 

“The Congresswoman [Gabbard] is the most qualified and prepared candidate to serve as Commander in Chief, which I believe is the most important responsibility of the President,” Senator Mike Gravel, a Democrat who represented Alaska in the Senate from 1969 through 1981, noted in his letter endorsing Tulsi for president. Gravel, an Army veteran, is perhaps most famous for placing the Pentagon Papers in the public record in 1971. A popular progressive voice for peace, his endorsement should not be taken lightly. Kamala Harris should take note.

Source: Tulsi Gabbard’s Road to Damascus  | The American Conservative

Jeffrey Epstein RIP, by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review

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The Jeffrey Epstein saga goes on even though convicted pedophile Epstein himself has been found hanged in his jail cell in Manhattan. One has to wonder how he managed to kill himself, if that is indeed the case, as he was reportedly on suicide watch at the prison and it is to be presumed that he had been stripped of any clothing or accoutrements that would have been usable to that end. So, he is dead but did he do it himself or was he helped? There are many prominent individuals and powerful government agencies that will be very pleased that he is gone as most of his secrets will have gone to the grave with him.

There was certainly a warning that something might happen. Two weeks ago, he was reportedly found unconscious in his jail cell with marks around his neck. It was suggested that he might have tried to kill himself or, alternatively, had been beaten up by another inmate. There was also considerable speculation that some aggrieved part of the Deep State was trying to kill him to silence him.

Source: Jeffrey Epstein RIP, by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review

There can be no unity with these Democrats, the only options are their arrest and trial, or civil war | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

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I have previously written on this issue in this space. I do so again now because of the steady stream of cant coming from FOX News citing the need for immediate “unity” between the two parties, and the need for the both parties to cooperate in Congress and “work for the good of the American people” has gone on for far too long. Whatever the hopes of FOX News and its leaders, the truth should, once in a while, be inserted into the network’s broadcasts. In this case, the truth is that, as of this writing, there appears to be no possible ground for compromise between any Democrat and middle-class and blue-collar citizens.

Why? A half-century of Democratic programs and wars – often supported by part of the Republican party and much of the media. From the clear unconstitutionality of hate-speech laws, Obama’s numerous unconstitutional diktats, and all wars that are entered into without a formal declaration of war by Congress, to the priority that now is given to awarding college admission on the basis of race, gender, geographical location, and – unbelievably – sexual deviance, the illegality and lack of fairness in the land is stunning and is most damaging to middle-class and blue-collar families because they do not have the money to fight those who have, through legislation, bribery, and a supine Supreme Court, integrated so much discrimination into the Constitution. Those on the short end of this stick see no point in cooperating with their tormentors because their pledges always are worthless, and because they are protected by their own vast wealth, the governments and courts they own, and their advertisement of their lethal capabilities and intent via the never-investigated and growing trail of corpses — which today includes their child procurer Jeffrey Epstein — that leads back to the gunmen employed and directed by the Clinton/Obama-built deep state

Source: There can be no unity with these Democrats, the only options are their arrest and trial, or civil war | Non-Intervention2

7 Unanswered Questions About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death That The Mainstream Media Needs To Be Talking About – End Of The American Dream – Michael Snyder

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1 Why are the autopsy results being delayed?

2 What will the cameras show?

3 Why was Jeffrey Epstein taken off suicide watch?

4 Why did the guards break prison rules and not check on him every 30 minutes?

5 Why would Jeffrey Epstein try to kill himself if he was adjusting so well to prison life?

6 Why did Jeffrey Epstein tell guards that someone was trying to kill him?

7 How could Epstein kill himself in a prison where the cells had been specifically designed to prevent that from happening?

There were reports that Epstein was willing to start testifying against his rich and powerful friends, but now that will never happen.

Source: 7 Unanswered Questions About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death That The Mainstream Media Needs To Be Talking About – End Of The American Dream

Red China is a Creation of Globalists

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If one is blind to the truthful account of history, understanding of current events will never break the mind controlled barrier of sanitized awareness. The globalists or whatever synonym name you choose personifies the forces behind the screens that shape the political, economic and cultural impositions on the world. China has not been immune to the infliction of obscurity in the implementation of what actually is driving their regime.  As the old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times”, has proven to be much more than a platitude, it is a model for planetary enslavement. How did this conquest begin and where is it going?

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