America Is Not Going To Be A Free And Open Society Any Longer – The Economic Collapse Blog – Michael Snyder

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Whenever a tragic act of violence makes national headlines, the calls to give up more of our freedoms and liberties in exchange for the promise of increased security become deafening.  But if we take another step toward becoming an authoritarian society every time something horrible happens, eventually we won’t have any of the basic liberties and freedoms that previous generations of Americans fought so hard to secure for us.  Unfortunately, voices like mine are becoming increasingly rare, and the American people seem to want a society that will shelter them from anything that could possibly go wrong.  Of course there has never been such a society in all of human history, and we won’t be able to create one either.  No governmental system can eliminate the problem of evil, and bad things sometimes happen to good people.  And without a doubt, the mass shootings that we witnessed over the weekend were absolutely horrific.  In less than 24 hours, 29 American lives were lost between these two mass shootings, and this has greatly shaken the entire nation

Taking away our 2nd Amendment rights is not going to solve the problem. Instead, it will just take the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

And the bad guys will always find ways to get guns. Just look at the city of Chicago – they have some of the harshest gun laws in the entire nation, but they also lead the country in gun deaths.

Unfortunately, logic doesn’t tend to work with those that love authoritarianism. Whenever something happens, they want the government to do “something”, and that “something” almost always involves eroding our most basic rights.

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Tulsi Gabbard: R.I.P. –

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It is unfortunate that Tulsi Gabbard succumbed to the Israel Lobby. The forces of the Empire saw it as a sign of weakness and have set about destroying her.

The ruling elite see Gabbard as a threat just as they saw Trump as a threat. A threat is an attractive political candidate who questions the Empire’s agenda. Trump questioned the hostility toward Russia orchestrated by the military/security complex. Gabbard questions the Empire’s wars in the Middle East. This is questioning that encroaches on the agendas of the military/security complex and Israel Lobby. If fear of Israel is what caused Gabbard to vote the AIPAC line on the bill forbidding criticism of Israel, she won’t be able to stick to her line against Washington’s aggression in the Middle East. Israel is behind that aggression as it serves Israeli interests.

But the Empire is taking no chances. The Empire has sicced its Presstitute Battalion on her. Josh Rogin (Washington Post), Joy Reid (MSNBC), Wajahat Ali (New York Times and CNN), and, of course the Twitter trolls paid to slander and misrepresent public figures that the Empire targets. Google added its weight to the obfuscation of Gabbard.

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Japan’s Military Rebuilding Rapidly – American Free Press

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Japan is now the world’s fourth most powerful military, due in part to President Donald Trump’s insistence when he took office that countries that previously relied on the U.S. to shoulder their defense costs had to begin paying their way.

It did not mean that if Japan were to be attacked that it could not rely on U.S. support. Instead, it was a signal from Trump of a U.S. policy change that was privately welcomed in Tokyo because it provided impetus for the country’s leaders to argue that, as tensions with China increased in the East China Sea and across the Pacific, Japan had to play a greater role in defending itself. Japan had, however, been gradually rebuilding its military without much fanfare. Therefore, Trump’s intervention sped up the process.

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Know-nothing Americans | Intrepid – Stephen Lendman

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Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed know-nothings on planet earth—despite around 80% of US households having Internet access, making it easy to stay informed with minimal effort.

Manipulated by the power of state-sponsored and go-along establishment media propaganda, Americans are ignorant about geopolitical and other major issues affecting their lives and welfare.

It’s why both right wings of the US war party get away with ravaging one country after another—while the FBI and police nationwide operate with impunity as enforcers for powerful interests, grievously breaching the rights of ordinary people.

Reality is clear. The US already is a police state because of repressive laws overwhelmingly passed by Congress, supported by the executive and federal courts.

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Lawyers will never administer legal justice

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The law is too important to be left to attorneys. Any objective observer of the existing legal system would conclude that allowing lawyers and judges to police the profession is a total sham. Politicians and public officials, who are members of the bar, owe their allegiance to a privileged and entitled fraternity of overseers. Their function directly destroys the real meaning of the law, which is based upon the intrinsic and permanent value of the individual, not the relative whims of governments. Justice is not achieved by state authority. Thus, knowing the nature of process is crucial to understand the proper relationships.     

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