Brexit Supporters Ridiculed by Globalist Fake News Media – American Free Press – S.T. Patrick

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With another Brexit deadline extended, moving from April 12 to Oct. 31, British politicians, the European Union (EU), and the global media now have more time to pressure Brits into either staying in the EU (thus cancelling Brexit or re-voting) or brokering a Brexit agreement favorable to the globalist interests that control the EU. One step below predicting the biblical apocalypse, the British and U.S. media have both prophesied the most dire gloom-and-doom situations imaginable for those still supporting a “Hard Brexit,” leaving the European Union with no entangling agreements or alliances.

Within the anti-Brexit press, the terminology has also become more divisive. Those supporting British sovereignty were once innocuously called “Brexiters” or “Brexiteers.” That devolved into “Leavers.” Having to paint supporters of the “Leave” campaign as dangerous enemies of the state, they are now referred to widely as “Brextremists,” a combination of Brexit and extremist.

Source: Brexit Supporters Ridiculed by Globalist Fake News Media – American Free Press

Land Destroyer: US-Iran: Inverted Reality, Real War – Tony Cartalucci

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For one, the Middle East already has a regional hegemon – the United States.

Even the wildest accusations against Iran regarding state sponsored terrorism pale in comparison to Al Qaeda and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) whose terrorism spans the globe, including standing armies operating in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan – several of which Iran itself is specifically fighting.

The US also supports terrorist organizations within Iran including the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK). MEK enjoys the support of National Security Adviser John Bolton – who lobbied for them for years while they were listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department itself.

Source: Land Destroyer: US-Iran: Inverted Reality, Real War

Trump Seeks to Add China to New Arms Treaty – Washington Free Beacon – Bill Gertz

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The Trump administration wants China included in arms control talks on extending the 2010 New START strategic arms treaty despite Beijing’s reluctance to engage in multilateral arms negotiations.

Senior administration officials on Wednesday outlined the new arms control approach by the president summarized as focusing on arms control a means to an end—and not the process itself—culminating in an agreement designed to enhance U.S. security.

Tim Morrison, White House National Security Council director for weapons of mass destruction, said the world has moved on from Cold War-style bilateral arms treaties that cover limited types of nuclear weapons and only certain ranges of missiles.

Source: Trump Seeks to Add China to New Arms Treaty

The bankers’ ‘power revolution’: How the government got shackled by debt | Intrepid – Ellen Brown

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This article is excerpted from my new book Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age, available in paperback.—EB

The U.S. federal debt has more than doubled since the 2008 financial crisis, shooting up from $9.4 trillion in mid-2008 to over $22 trillion in April 2019. The debt is never paid off. The government just keeps paying the interest on it, and interest rates are rising.

In 2018, the Fed announced plans to raise rates by 2020 to “normal” levels—a fed funds target of 3.375 percent—and to sell about $1.5 trillion in federal securities at the rate of $50 billion monthly, further growing the mountain of federal debt on the market. When the Fed holds government securities, it returns the interest to the government after deducting its costs; but the private buyers of these securities will be pocketing the interest, adding to the taxpayers’ bill.

Source: The bankers’ ‘power revolution’: How the government got shackled by debt | Intrepid

An Introduction to Technofeudalism Ascending

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The future of the planetary “Reign of Terror” has never been clearer. The pattern for global governance has been set into motion and operates under a model that has been used throughout much of history. The modern day version of command and control can be effectively described as Technofeudalism. The purpose of this introduction is to provide an outline of the arguments used by Steven Yates, Ph.D. The link to this significant treatise is provided below. In addition News With Views maintains an extensive archives of Dr. Yates’ work. Invest the time to read the entire essay for a full understanding of the linkage behind Technofeudalis and the course for top down dominance.

Technofeudalism Ascending comprises nine sections. Dr. Yates provides the following preface.

My book Four Cardinal Errors (2011) introduced the idea of technofeudalism. Though a bit of a mouthful, this is the best term for the political economy towards which an intergenerational superelite has been directing as much of the world as possible for at least a century. This existence of this group, I argue, is the foremost political-economic reality of our times.

Read the entire article on the Reign of Terror archives

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