The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom of Speech Rights? – American Free Press

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For the last 50 years, except for one case, the so-called 1968 Federal Anti-Riot Act lay dormant and forgotten, but now the Justice Department has revived this constitutional monster, awakening it because of media outrage over the Charlottesville turmoil. Its revival represents the greatest current threat to our First Amendment rights.

Last October, teams of FBI agents swooped down on eight young men for allegedly intending to incite a riot and for conspiring to riot. The men are accused of violating 18 U.S.C. §2101 and 18 U.S.C. §2102, the Federal Anti-Riot Act of 1968.

The act was Congress’s heavy-handed response to the anti-war, civil rights, and counterculture disturbances of the late 1960s, particularly the riots in Washington, D.C. that followed the assassination of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A pall of smoke still hung over Washington, D.C. and troops circled the Capitol when the act was enacted on April 11. The act was specifically designed to battle social dissent and was based on the idea that sinister groups of “outside agitators” were riling up students and blacks. It was first used to prosecute the Chicago Eight, the leaders of the protests at the 1968 Democratic convention.

Source: The Greatest Threat to Our Freedom of Speech Rights? – American Free Press

Julian Assange is mighty low on the list of those “endangering American lives” | Non-Intervention2 – Michael Scheuer

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Julian Assange’s post-arrest situation is being used by the bipartisan U.S. political elite and mainstream media to add additional chaos to the public square, this on the eve of the reckoning that the Constitution and President Trump and his team are soon going to deliver to those who have robbed the republic of two-plus years of its life.

Assange, of course had nothing to do with the so-called Russian interference in the 2016 election – the claim of which has been a hoax since the start – nor did he join the Russians to hack Podesta and DNC e-mails. The latter were stolen by that rare DNC official, Seth Rich, who balked at the corruption the DNC was using to ensure Hillary Clinton’s nomination. He apparently downloaded the e-mails onto a flash-drive – a process proven a senior NSA internet expert via his examination of the time it took to download the data – and then passed the e-mails to Assange’s people in a manner about which I am ignorant. Rich paid for this action with his life, probably murdered by DNC-paid, illegal MS-13 immigrants, and then left to die in a Washington hospital room as DNC Chair Donna Brazile reportedly patrolled the corridors until Rich breathed his last. Hopefully, Brazile will be among those who are administered a hefty dose of painful constitutional retribution, and has time to think about it before she is hung.

Source: Julian Assange is mighty low on the list of those “endangering American lives” | Non-Intervention2

Trump Dances to Israel’s Tune, by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review

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So newly reelected Israeli monster-in-chief Benjamin Netanyahu has boasted, with a grin, that America’s President Donald J. Trump followed through on his proposal to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist group. Bibi was smiling because the timing of the move, one day before the Israeli election, strongly suggests it was done to assist him against what had become a very strong opposition challenge. That Trump likely colluded with Netanyahu to blatantly interfere in the election has apparently bothered no one in Israel or in the tame American media.

The gift from Washington came on top of recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, threatening members of the International Criminal Court if they try to prosecute Israel for war crimes, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, removing the word “occupation” from the State Department’s assessments of human rights infringements on the West Bank, eliminating relief funding for Palestinian refugees, leaving the U.N. Human Rights Council because it was too critical of Israel, and looking the other way as Israel declared itself a state only for Jews. Washington also ignored the bombing of hospitals, schools and water treatment infrastructure in Gaza while Israeli army snipers were shooting unarmed demonstrators demanding their freedom.

Source: Trump Dances to Israel’s Tune, by Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review

AIPAC and the Federal Election Commission | Intrepid – Renee Parsons

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Reviewing AIPAC’s history since its 1963 creation reveals a consistently well organized campaign of manipulation and evasion of the US election law as one necessary ingredient to its invincible image on Capitol Hill. The American Israel Political Affairs Committee has long claimed it is not a political action committee, that it does not endorse candidates nor provide financial donations to political campaigns. As with all things involving AIPAC, there is another side to the story.

As the result of a 1988 Sixty Minutes interview by Mike Wallace, it became clear that AIPAC had a long history of involvement in US electoral politics as it targeted non-AIPAC members of  Congress for defeat with the use of “80 shell-front pro-Israel PACs.” Unfortunately, Wallace never inquired whether AIPAC was in compliance with the Federal Election Commission laws. It comes as no surprise to know it was not and continues to resist efforts at accountability or adhering to the standard rule of registering as a foreign entity.

Source: AIPAC and the Federal Election Commission | Intrepid

The Takedown Of Julian Assange: An Existential Threat To Independent Media – News With Views – Steven Yates

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The number of truly independent truth-tellers has dwindled over the years. Those I know of would fit in my front room.

The journalism profession as a whole — like academia — sold out long ago. All one has to do to see the level of shilling is turn on CNN or MSNBC or any major network, possibly except Fox News some of the time. As for the latter, folks like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson have suffered personal attacks in this era of hoked up accusations of “sexual misconduct” and bogus allegations of “racism.”

If Julian Assange comes to a bad end, mass media and social media will get worse. We’ll see mainstream “news” descend even further into a insipid mixture of feel-good trivia, blatant propaganda, and mindless entertainment. We’ll see more and more reportage conducted in the Twitterverse, where character limits preclude deep thought.

What we won’t see is another WikiLeaks to expose the powerful and challenge dominant narratives.

Source: The Takedown Of Julian Assange: An Existential Threat To Independent Media – News With Views

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