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Whites are on the road to extinction not because of massacres by blacks, but because of their own tax, social, and immigration policies. In the US and throughout Europe high taxation has brought an end to single-earner families, such as the one that I, and my generation, grew up in. Wives have been forced out of the motherhood role into the earner mode. Consequently, the white birthrate has dropped. This process of destruction has been helped along the way by feminism and abortion on demand.

It is very difficult for a white person from one Western country to immigrate to another. An American who wishes to become, for example, a French citizen has to have a large income and a large French bank account and wait a long time. But a non-white can walk right in and take up residence without being evicted and expect to be supported by the French state. Except for Hungary, the same is true throughout the Western world.

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America’s Socialist Revolution has officially begun | The Daily Bell – Simon Black

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On October 31, 1517, an obscure German theology professor put the finishing touches on a paper he had written about the current state of the Catholic Church, and sent it off to Archbishop Albert of Brandenberg for review.

The professor’s letter was polite and professional, with a formal tone that one might find in a modern academic work. It could hardly be described as revolutionary.

Yet within a few years, the professor would find himself excommunicated by the Pope, branded an outlaw and heretic and living in hiding under the protection of an army of followers.

His name, of course, was Martin Luther. And the publication of his famous paper, the 95 Theses, is often viewed as the start of the Protestant Reformation, one of the most important social movements in history.

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Idaho Proposal Answers New York, Virginia Infanticide Laws: “Abortion Is Murder!” – Richard Loudenback

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Two pro-life constitutionalists in the Idaho state legislature are deadly serious about putting an end to the abortion slaughter in the Gem State. They have thrown down the gauntlet on the abortion issue. Boasting the best voting records in Idaho with the state Constitution are seasoned Representative Heather Scott and freshman Representative John Green, who are cosponsoring a bill to end the murdering of unborn human beings. Their bill, The Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act,would close loopholes that now exempt abortion from the state’s murder statute.

The Scott-Green bill is in marked contrast to the recently passed legislation in New York permitting pre-natal infanticide up until birth, and in Virginia, where even post-natal infanticide may now be permitted. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent a shock through the nation in January by signing into law a bill that allows pre-born babies to be killed up to the moment of birth.

Source: Idaho Proposal Answers New York, Virginia Infanticide Laws: “Abortion Is Murder!”

When White Liberal Prophecy Fails: Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind – The Occidental Observer – Andrew Gladwell

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Cognitive Dissonance theory might be more important in explaining the Left’s mindset than we appreciate. Although frequently invoked by mainstream conservatives to superficially skewer liberals’ incoherence and hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance should be applied more broadly and explored more deeply. According to psychologists, the dissonance produced in the mind when holding mutually exclusive beliefs is actually nothing short of a form of mental trauma. Facts and opinions which challenge, for instance, one’s self-identity or long-held conventional wisdom can, say experts, result in agony for the afflicted, producing a feeling of desperation akin to starvation or intense thirst. Unsurprisingly then, the resulting discomfort can push the sufferer to great lengths of irrational and extreme behavior in order to obtain relief[1] (Margaret Heffernan, Willful Blindness, pdf here).Understanding cognitive dissonance, therefore, may go far in explaining our opponents’ aggressiveness and, given the growing unreality of today’s society, their increasingly toxic and desperate behavior.

A basic theme in cognitive dissonance literature is that the brain cannot stand conflict. So hard does the brain work towards resolving it, it’s neural circuitry will actually employ faulty reasoning in order to shut down distress.[2] When presented with contradictory positions, it will, in effect, blind itself to them, for instance, by eliminating the new conflicting belief and clinging to the challenged one. Referring to this characteristic of the mind as our “totalitarian ego”, Psychologist Anthony Greenwald says, much like the thought-control and propaganda devices depicted in George Orwell’s 1984, the mind’s biases are firmly enslaved to the ego’s greater central design (for instance, one’s self-image as a humanitarian and morally righteous person, etc.[3] This would explain much of liberals’ hyper-defensive reaction to evidence regarding racial differences, for instance, and their aggression toward purveyors of such evidence.

Source: When White Liberal Prophecy Fails: Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind – The Occidental Observer

Hungary, Poland Spend Money On Motherhood, Not Migrants. Why Not U.S.? | Articles | – James Kirkpatrick

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Only a few years ago, motherhood was something seen as so self-evidently good that praising it was an unnecessary banality. Yet, like the Boy Scoutssupporting motherhood has now gone from uncontroversial to “far-right” in Western countries, akin even to Nazism. Thus Sweden’s “Social Security Minister” Annika Strandhäll blasted policies by the Hungarian government to support motherhood, calling it “alarming” and something that “reeks of the 30s” . [Intl Row as Swedish Minister Likens Hungary PM’s ‘More Kids’ Call to Nazi Policy, Sputnik, February 18, 2019] The Hungarian government formally protested the comments and Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto concisely described the difference between the two countries: “Hungary is spending money on families and Sweden is spending it on migrants”.  [Hungary plan ‘reeks of 1930s’: Swedish minister, The Local, February 16, 2019] Unfortunately, the same can be said of most Western countries.

It is worth noting that Sweden, like other Western European countries, is not free. There is no free speech for patriots in Sweden. There is a de facto ban on even discussing immigration policy in Sweden that has only been challenged by the rise of the Sweden Democrats. Despite a record performance by the patriotic party in the last election, the other parties formed a coalition explicitly designed to keep them from any influence. [Sweden’s parties reach deal to keep far-Right Sweden Democrats from influenceby Richard Orange, Telegraph, January 11, 2019] In times of great crisis, different parties in parliamentary systems have joined together to form a government of “national unity.” In the face of rising restrictionist sentiment, Sweden’s government is something closer to a government of national annihilation.

Source: Hungary, Poland Spend Money On Motherhood, Not Migrants. Why Not U.S.? | Articles |

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