News With Views | The Wall, The Wall, The Wall: Are We A Country Or A Destination For Freeloaders? – Frosty Wooldridge

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U.S. Senate member Charles Schumer, (D-NY) refuses to defend America.  He refuses to take his oath of office seriously.  He refuses to allow a wall to be built across the Mexican border to stop drug trafficking at $120 billion annually, year after year.  He refuses to stop 500,000 illegal aliens annually who jump our borders.  He won’t stop and hasn’t stopped the 300,000 illegal pregnant mothers annually who birth their child on our soil and then force us to pay for their welfare for the next 18 years.

U.S. House member Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA), calls illegal aliens, “These immigrants are the future of America.”  She doesn’t connect that they are illegal alien border jumpers who broke our laws and violate our Constitution every single day of their existence in America.  She doesn’t care that they work off the books, pay no taxes and send cash transfers to the tune of $70 billion annually back to their home countries, thus draining our finances and adding to the $21 trillion national debt.

Source: News With Views | The Wall, The Wall, The Wall: Are We A Country Or A Destination For Freeloaders?

California Election System in Mayhem – American Free Press – John Friend

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Voter fraud and corruption is a very real problem, even in so-called “advanced democracies,” such as the United States. For example, changes made in 2016 to AB1921, a California state law dealing with collecting and submitting voter ballots, may have exacerbated the problem in the Golden State, at least according to some political experts.

Prior to 2016, California election laws stated that voters wishing to vote by mail had to either mail their ballot in or have a family or household member submit the ballot on their behalf at their local polling place. The changes made to AB1921 and signed into law in 2016 by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown updated the law to allow anyone to return mail ballots on behalf of other voters. Called “ballot harvesting,” the updates allowed third parties—really anyone—to collect ballots from voters and submit them to election officials with little oversight.

Source: California Election System in Mayhem – American Free Press

The Self-Genocide of the West –

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Stephen Cohen and I are branded “Russian dupes” and “Putin agents,” because we object to the highly orchestrated and false portrayal of Russia as a threat to the West, a portrayal that is leading to war. The purpose of this orchestration is to prevent President Trump or any future president from reducing the dangerous tensions between nuclear powers that have accumulated since the Clinton regime. The military/security complex has resurrected its Cold War enemy so necessary for its outsized budget and power and intends to keep Russia as The Enemy. The Democrats have an interest in the villification of Russia as “Russiagate” explains Hillary’s loss of the 2016 Presidential election and gives Democrats hope of removing President Trump from office. The media lacks independence, knowledge, and integrity and is the tool used by the military/security complex to control explanations, a prostitution of the media that has made the term “presstitutes” an accurate description. As strategic and Russian studies are largely funded by the military/security complex, the universities are also complicit in the march toward nuclear war. Republicans are as dependent as Democrats on funding from the military/security complex and the Israel Lobby.

All of this self-serving is driving America and its vassals to war with Russia, which might also mean with China. The war would be nuclear and be the end of the West, an act of self-genocide. The US national security establishment is so crazed that Trump’s efforts to get off the war track and onto a peace track are characterized as treason and a threat to US national security. See for example: Link

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Trump’s plans for troop withdrawal and the wall will protect America against Islamists | Non-Intervention – Michael Scheuer

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Since my last piece, the anti-Americans, Neocons, Israel Firsters, and former Obamaites have — like slugs — continued to slither forth and attack President Trump for deciding to evacuate U.S. troops from Syria and then Afghanistan. So far, the new wave of slugs includes Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Friedman, Eugene Robinson, Robert Kuttner, and the prison-bound, Obama-apologist Susan Rice, all of whom have damned Mr. Trump. David Ignatius also has returned for a second attack on the president. Ignatius apparently is taking over from the geriatric and clueless Bob Woodward as the Deep State’s most-favored, foolish, and fully controlled court historian.

Not to be outdone, FOX News is rolling out retired General Jack Keane at regular intervals to attack President Trump for not being smart enough to use the notorious bureaucratic-snare for prolonging unnecessary wars known as the “national security decision-making process”, and then accept its advice about what to do in Syria and Afghanistan. If used, this process would yield three easily predictable words of advice “stay the course”, this is because what that process inevitably wants is more war.

Source: Trump’s plans for troop withdrawal and the wall will protect America against Islamists | Non-Intervention2

All the President’s Men Are Named Benedict or Arnold – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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We have fighting in the Middle East that is being ignored by the MSM. The President is silent. Israel has grabbed the military mantle of power in the Middle East and only the Independent Media is reporting any of this.

The President’s staff is in chaos. He is undermined by Deep State traitors at every turn and the Americans wonder why Trump is so inconsistent. He is inconsistent because almost all of his advisers are named Benedict, Arnold or Jared Kushner.

The chaos of this administration was foretold in very accurate terms 7 months ago after the last Syrian false flag attack.

The CSS printed this following section back in May of this year. Please look at the emboldened text and count how many of these prognostications came to fruition?

Source: All the President’s Men Are Named Benedict or Arnold – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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