“Nations Are The Wealth Of Mankind”—Alexander Solzhenitsyn. That Includes The Historic American Nation. | Articles | VDARE.com – John Derbyshire

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U.S. immigration policy is nested in the broader issue of our time: the struggle of settled Western nations with their distinctive national characters and familiar—familiar, I mean, to the citizens who comprise them—their familiar styles of managing their public affairs, the struggle of these nations to keep their nationhood intact against the ambitions of globalizing elites.

As it happens, there is a keynote quotation on precisely this topic that is particularly apt right now. Here at VDARE.com we have used this quotation, or bits of it, rather often, as it accords precisely with our own inclinations and our mission here. Cousin Peter, my boss here at VDARE.com, used it to rhetorical effect in his 1995 book Alien Nation. I used it in my planned 2016 address to Williams College, the address that college President Adam Falk [Email him] judged so dangerously inflammatory he banned me from his campus before I could deliver it.

Source: “Nations Are The Wealth Of Mankind”—Alexander Solzhenitsyn. That Includes The Historic American Nation. | Articles | VDARE.com

What If G-Men Went After the Washington Post as They’re Going After the Enquirer? – Ira Stoll

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Imagine that a federal prosecutor had gone after The Washington Post Company back in the 1990s on the theory that the reluctance of its magazine, Newsweek, to publish an article about a sex scandal involving Bill Clinton constituted an illegal campaign contribution to the Clinton campaign.

The ensuing outcry and fear that prosecutors would begin substituting their own news judgment for that of editors wouldn’t have been limited to First Amendment absolutists like Nat Hentoff. It would almost certainly have been widely shared. And justifiably so.

As Newsweek itself eventually found out via Matt Drudge, and as the framers of the First Amendment well understood, free-market competition is better regulation of press behavior than any second-guessing by government lawyers threatening criminal prosecution based on creative theories of campaign finance law.

Source: What If G-Men Went After the Washington Post as They’re Going After the Enquirer?

News With Views | Allegory Of France’s Destruction And The West’s – Frosty Wooldridge

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In the past four weeks, you witnessed thousands of French people rioting and stoning the police in the streets of Paris. While you heard from the main stream media that the entire ruckus revolves around gas taxes, the riptide undercurrent stems from mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East.

The French elite never experience the consequences of third world immigration, but the average French citizen must deal with rapes, schools collapsing, theft, trash on their streets, killings, Islamic jihad such as Paris and Nice, degraded neighborhoods, cultural displacement, and everyday fear of walking down the streets with the very real possibility of being raped or run over by an immigrant.

The French face being eaten alive and their culture degraded much like the 1974 novel Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. Some call it a brilliant novel on Europe’s descendance into cultural hell. Others call it ‘racist’ because the author attempted to warn the French people that endless immigration guaranteed the demise and displacement of the French out of their own country.

Source: News With Views | Allegory Of France’s Destruction And The West’s

Christian Martyrdom and The American Empire – Mark Dankof

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My opening premise tonight is this: The American Empire and its linkage to the Zionist State of Israel is intrinsically evil. These entities are at the center of the drive to the New World Order, which in turn encompasses the ideology of world government; central banking; a controlled news media; the Culturally Marxist ideologies of radical feminism, abortion-on-demand, the LGBTQ agenda, societal acceptance of pornography, and an inherent opposition to authentic Christianity. These entities seek to enslave the entire globe with this Satanic ideology, utilizing internal subversion, wartime economic sanctions, a global surveillance police state, and overt threats of military force against nation-states who do not acquiesce to the Beast. Iran and a post-Communist Russia being revitalized by Russian Orthodox Christian spirituality and culture are but the latest targets. The symbols of the Christian Cross and the American Flag and Constitution shall be those chosen to sell lies to the American public and the American churches as to what this coming battle is about. Make no mistake about it. The New World Order is about neither. It is the avowed enemy of both, no matter how many United States Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy recruitment ads appear during NFL games suggesting otherwise.

Source: Christian Martyrdom and The American Empire

Electric Cars a Government Subsidize Bust

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For all the dreamers who foster a future of transportation based upon electric motors, good luck. While many forms of hauling translate into the use of electric propulsion, the prospects are that General Motors and Tesla will not be the namesakes for EV personal transport. Government subsidies may be the Achilles heel of the car industry, but reliance on mobile electric fuel and battery storage ignores the reality that the petroleum oligarchy will just sit on their reserves and watch the long lines of extension cords plug into these high tech and costly trendy go carts.

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