America’s Russia-Deranged Partisan Freak Show | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

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Well, America’s national freak show hit parade of the sleazy shaved head “Intelligence Community” liars, and Bond-villainous deep state subversives are at it again, busy rolling out the 6th or 7th permutation (who can keep count) of their ever-evolving (ever-collapsing, really) Russian collusion defamation-distraction hoax.

Even with the fact that Bi-partisan hitman Robert Mueller has spent $16 Million and two years using bully tactics and continuously threatening lawyers for people who don’t care to testify in this Inquisition still has proof of collusion, conspiracy.

Deep State Democrat frauds are frantic to keep the most cynical, deceitful smear campaign in American history alive and kicking. Time is not on their side. It has brought steady plodding revelation of the facts, inevitably exposing the depths of their deceit and willingness to corrupt public power.

Source: America’s Russia-Deranged Partisan Freak Show | Roger Stone | Stone Cold Truth

U.S. Policies in Latin America Stupid – American Free Press

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It is the first time in my lifetime that opening up the morning newspaper is something like an adventure. Last week I learned that the Donald Trump White House had considered a military intervention in Venezuela to remove the admittedly dystopic and despotic government of President Nicolas Maduro. For those who are not following developments in the Southern Hemisphere closely, the Venezuelan “Bolivarian” government is an odd mixture of South American old-style communism based on an aggressive populism that promotes class warfare. Political demonstrations over the past year protesting the deteriorating economy and the threat to what remains of the country’s democracy have been suppressed by violence initiated by heavily armed police in which dozens died. The National Assembly, which is controlled by the political opposition, is being ignored by Maduro, who is ruling by decree. Since he controls the security apparatus there is no one to tell him what he cannot do.

Venezuelans, sitting on huge oil reserves, are starving, unemployed, plagued by hyperinflation not seen since post-World War I Germany, and fleeing the country in the hundreds of thousands. Credit both internationally and domestically has vanished and foreign companies that had set up shop in the country, which refuses to allow them any longer to repatriate their profits, have fled, meaning that consumer goods once readily available have disappeared from the shelves.

Source: U.S. Policies in Latin America Stupid – American Free Press

President Trump Against the World Order – Teapot in a Tempest?

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Political leaders, media moguls and journalists have saturated the public
throughout the world with claims and accusations that President Trump is destroying the
World Order, undermining historic alliances, western values, the world trade
organizations and violating national and international constitutions and institutions.

In the United States, legislators, judges and leaders from both parties have
accused President Trump of being a traitor for fraternizing and serving as a tool of
Russian President Putin.

This paper will analyze and discuss these claims and accusations. We will begin
by comparing and discussing the actions and reactions of President Trump’s predecessors
to determine whether there has been a ‘break’ with the past. This requires an
examination of his ‘inheritance’ – what actions preceded his Presidency.

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Trump’s EU Gas Deal Could Hurt Putin; Media Ignore It

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President Trump’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) deal with Europe could end up being a far bigger slam to Russia’s economy and to Russia’s geopolitical goals than anything done by President Obama or his predecessors to penalize Putin. It is a major swipe at the Kremlin’s growing stranglehold on Europe’s — and especially Germany’s — energy supplies. And it has the added bonus of being, potentially, an enormous economic boost for the United States for decades to come. But he is getting no credit for any of this in the “mainstream” Fake News media. The Deep State globalists and their anti-Trump media shills are still frothing over President Donald Trump’s meeting with Putin. Recall how Ex-CIA chief John Brennan, who is given to over-the-top rants against Trump, charged that Trump committed treason by meeting with Putin. Brennan, who is now a regular “expert” bloviator at NBC/MSNBC also declared that Trump “is wholly in the pocket of Putin.”

As we noted on July 19, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) senior fellow Max Boot, in a column for the Washington Post, relayed Brennan’s treason charge, while ex-CIA/FBI minion Philip Mudd blasted Trump on CNN and virtually called for a coup, suggesting it is time for the Deep State “shadow government” to take Trump out and take over as the official government. Similar fulminations continue.

Source: Trump’s EU Gas Deal Could Hurt Putin; Media Ignore It

The Treasonous Democratic Party –

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If America had more honest, fact-based journalists with integrity like Tucker Carlson, we would not be, as we are today, dissolving as a country.

In this one TV broadcast— LINK – Carlson shows that the Democrats have gone far beyond “lying through their teeth political partisanship” into deranged hatred of President Trump and the American people who elected him.

The Democrats’ insane hatred of “Trump deplorables” has firmly allied the Democrats with the corrupt military/security complex in a plot to overthrow the elected President of the United States. LINK

Source: The Treasonous Democratic Party –

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